DONG’ – a picturesque, remote valley

Hi! Friends,

As per British English, the word ‘Ding Dong’ means an argument or a hard fought contest. Centuries back their English speaking ancestors used this word to communicate a riotous party. Today it usually denotes the sound of a bell. It could be a temple, church or our humble door bell.

Linguists say that the origin of human language has some mystic connection with the universal resonance or harmony that exists amidst many apparently unconnected things in nature. I am not sure how one can investigate that as part of their DING – DONG theory and many more academic theories such as – Ta-Ta, La-La, Pooh-Pooh theory etc.

It’s not making any sense right? Well, since we at ‪#‎HomeSalonService’, respect anything that’s naturally / intrinsically beautiful in nature, this blog is about – ‘DONG’ – a picturesque, remote valley that’s located on a narrow stretch of land, flanked by Myanmar (Earlier known as Burma) and China on either side.

Why talk about it today? Because, in less than 10 hours from now – THE FIRST RAYS OF THE RISING SUN ON THE FIRST DAY of 2016, to HIT MAINLAND INDIA, like for many years in the past, will be ‘DONG’, Arunachal Pradesh.

Let that light from ‘Dong’ illumine your inner being with lot of positivity and encourage you to make this year of 2016, as YOURS!

Do have fun loads of fun tonight; party hard with your near and dear ones to usher in the New Year. But as a woman do remember these wise words of caution;

  1. a) If your sixth sense says that the party is going – ‘DING DONG’ then please leave that place immediately.
    b) If your partner is dead drunk, don’t let him get behind the wheels. Have ‘DING-DONG’ argument right there, take away the keys and call a radio taxi.
    c) If you go to a church or temple, then ring the ding dong bell.

Amen – Aamin – Om Shanti Om.

Maya Menon

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