Eating Water is Better than Drinking It

Eating water is better than drinking it!

Hi Friends!

At a glance, the headline of our first blogpost for the ‘NEW YEAR & NEW YOU’ campaign, would possibly appear, to many of you, to have been written by a Bengali to justify, why they usually use the word ‘Khao / Khabo’ (meaning to eat / eating) instead of drink / drinking any drinkable stuff in liquid form.

To many others, it may sound like a riddle or a ridiculous comment, isn’t it? Yes, it did sound like one to me, when I first heard it 5 years back, on my way to ‘Pindari’ Glacier, after completing the arduous uphill trek till ‘Dhakuri’ pass from ‘Bageshwar’, in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. I was exhausted with fatigue and thirst. The nearest KMVN (Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam) rest house was at least 10 minutes’ walk away and I had run out of drinking water, I had carried in my rucksack.

This wise old shepherd woman from ‘Garhwal’ who had lived all her life in the higher reaches of awe inspiring, mesmerising and majestic Himalayas, muttered this statement while extending her hand to comfort me. I liked the concern in her voice but could not decode her statement; until she offered me freshly peeled orange slices to suck!

It’s only then, at approximately 9,000 feet above the sea level, I suddenly realised this profound truth, that we actually do eat water, when we eat fresh succulent fruits like oranges, watermelon, strawberry etc. Water that enters our body while eating it permeates our cells better than when we gulp or drink water.

So, to rediscover the NEW YOU, do remember to consume a lot of fibrous fresh fruits this winter to replenish the 70% water content in your system. I am sure this will compensate for the reduced intake of water in this cold and dry weather.

Alternately you may also call for my professional therapist friends from Home Salon Service’ if you live in a metro city of India, for making your skin eat water with the help of our moisturising wine or fresh fruit facials. That’s another way of eating a liquid, but not as effective as the earlier one.

I will be happy to see a quiet thank you smile on your lips for bringing that extra glow on your face and for helping you crack this profound philosophical and nutritional statement, learnt from the ‘Himalayan Heights’.


Maya Menon

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