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As an ongoing endeavour of team ‘Home Salon Service’, we strive to deliver thought provoking information which will hopefully help you make the right choice, when it comes to your health and well-being. That’s the NEW YOU in the NEW YEAR!

Please also do not get me wrong after reading the headline. I am not promoting vegetarianism and I have certainly not turned vegan all of a sudden.

It’s just that on the first day of this New Year, I have made a few personal resolutions. One of them, which I am sharing through this article, is to avoid the following;

  • Mineral Oil
  • White Oil
  • Aromatic Oils having Mineral or White Oil as their base oil.

To help explain, why I am so keen to share my personal resolution in public, you will have to allow me to take a step back and ask you a couple of direct questions.

  • Do you usually read the – Ingredients / Content column – that’s usually mentioned in very small font type on the reverse of a tube, bottle or container of your favourite ‘SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, MOISTURISER, LOTION, CREAM and BALM?
  • If yes, then did you ever come across the words ‘MINERAL’ or ‘WHITE’ oil? And did you realise it is routinely used in many creams, balms, lotions and moisturisers that we regularly use; after seeing / reading their oh..so..soft, so caring, so cute and positive sounding public messages about them?
  • Did you try to find out – What on earth is mineral or white oil?
  • And why do I want to avoid it? (I do not expect you to know the answer to this but if you care to read through, you will know WHY. And you too can make an informed choice in future.

Primary Reason Being – The name Mineral or White oil is imprecise and wrong.

An exotic and great sounding name like ‘MINERAL OIL or WHITE OIL’ is used as part of a very clever marketing strategy to sell dirt cheap liquid by product (distillate) produced during petroleum refining!  The crude petroleum oil refining and marketing companies tell us the truth that they are using MINERAL / WHITE oil in our cosmetic and skin care products but it is our laziness and blind faith in their advertising messages, which stops us from finding out the truth about what are we actually using.

For generating an even higher profit, they add some colouring agent, aromatic essence, perfumes (again some chemicals produced in factories) and sell it to us as some magical and great nourishment oil for our skin, including that of our babies.

Well, it may be, for those mothers and places in the world with no plants, trees and availability of only animal fats like tallow or lard. But a traditionally, geographically, agriculturally and culturally rich and diverse country like India or large parts of the tropical countries like Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and the vast majority of its citizens would any day prefer rubbing vegetable oils like coconut, mustard, palm, olive, almond etc. or other veg oil based creams and moisturisers on our cheeks and skin against these misleading names like Mineral, White and Aromatic Oil.

Wouldn’t you do the same?  – If given a choice of rubbing PETROLEUM on one cheek and COCONUT Oil on the other. The answer is obvious.

But, if the oil marketing company and the cosmetic company cleverly says the choice is between MINERAL OIL OR WHITE OIL on ONE cheek and COCONUT OIL on the other?  I bet many who are unaware of this reality will be confused and might end up using the perfumed MINERAL OIL or AROMATIC WHITE oil (a cheap by-product of crude petroleum)!

Stay away from these clever euphemisms, as much as possible, even if you can afford to buy the most expensive cream in this world, which ironically is using the cheapest mineral / white oil as its key ingredient.

Stick to the traditional knowledge of your grand mom – guilt and stress free. And stay healthy.


Maya Menon

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