White House Will Turn Pink On Tuesday 8th November, 2016


As a woman who works and writes the blogs for ‘Home Salon Service’ – an organisation that is exclusively ‘BY & FOR’ the women of India, I can personally stick my neck out and say it with utmost confidence that the American Presidential contest of 2016 will be between two woman candidates and in all likelihood Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton will move into the white house as the first ever woman President of this super power named United States of America.

I can say it with – ‘take it in writing’ kind of confidence; even though I am neither a frequent visitor to US nor a resident of USA. It is the same for my relatives, friends and family.  Individually and collectively we have no expertise in any of these domains called psephology, political science or International relations.

I am sure, many of you might be wondering;

  1. Why am I talking about American politics in a beauty related article?
  2. What on earth gives me this confidence to make such a bold declaration? Is it just woman to woman bonding across the Atlantic or Pacific oceans?

Allow me to answer the first query, first;

Answer: a) I feel the ladies who are our clients, living in the metro cities of India and most of my blog readers (includes men) are matured, well-educated, rational and intelligent human beings. They are discerning individuals can hold forth on many subjects besides discussing the benefits of seaweed and fresh fruit facials.

They are possibly sick and tired of external beauty related tips – ‘WHAT to do and WHAT not to do’. Especially, all those articles which vaingloriously announces that the ‘WINTER IS HERE!  As if the reader cannot feel it!  Or under-estimates our collective intelligence by using dumb and vague adjectives like ‘AWESOME, MIND BLOWING, COOL’ to describe their products and services. I have nothing against these words or their users; but in my humble opinion it should not come from a SELLER of services. We ought to be treated better, isn’t it?

So why cannot a contest between two beautiful ladies for the top-most job in the world find space in a beauty related blog?

Answer: b) My confidence, in Hillary’s victory, stems from the fact that I am from the beauty industry. America is on a beautiful course correction path. After denying blacks the right to vote, or the dignity of an equal citizen for centuries, the great citizens of that great country opted for an African immigrant’s child as their President in the last 10 years. It is now time that the typical Anglo-Saxon, Christian and White Male only bastion is breached by an erudite woman like Hillary. After all the biggest support base of Mr. Obama in the last two elections were the beautiful women of America.

Ranged against Hillary are atavistic, ugly and creepy voices of misogynist religious conservative old men that are against anything that is natural or beautiful. Their fight is against women and their bodies. They are against – ‘Right to abortion, right to teach our children the right knowledge, right for free universal medicine’ and the list is long.

As a person from the beauty industry, my instinct tells me what is ugly and I sincerely stand against all kinds of ugly thoughts that give rise to such voices. And I am sure my sisters and friends in America feel the same.  Together we say


Now, whether upon Hillary becoming the next President, will mean less domestic violence, abuse and gunshot wounds for the women of America, is another aspect or story that’s hidden in the womb of time.

Till then Happy Makar Sankrant, Poush Sankranti and Pongal


Maya Menon

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