WOMEN TAKE CHARGE! – An online campaign and contest 2016

Clean India Ladies painting walls

WOMEN TAKE CHARGE! – An online campaign and contest 2016
(01st January – 31st March,2016)

Ancient Indian wisdom says – ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness.
But, why do we only see garbage dumps and an unholy filthy mess?
Especially in our towns and cities, near the posh housing colonies;
While we are at our suave best inside the house and at the parties!

Government of India is now levying a ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ cess;
But it will not make a difference, if we make it Government’s business!
The onus is on each one of us and as women; we pledge to take charge;
As we are against all things ugly, we will not neither spread filth nor tolerate!

#HomeSalonService is happy to launch this humble call to action!
Together let us co-create an aesthetic image of a modern nation.
Will reward the top 3 contributors of our PLAN – ‘Cleaner, neater neighbourhood’
Share & like this message and suggest your innovative ideas, as if this is your livelihood.

We are waiting to hear your implementable ideas or the ‘Cleanliness Actions’ initiated across India.

Jai Hind
Maya Menon

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